New Lens – New Possibilities!

After much deliberation and cogitation over a new Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens or a new Nikkor 28mm 1.8 lens….. I decided to go for the 28 to give me that extra 7mm wide angle and differentiation from my light and most often used 50mm.  The extra cost, weight, bulk, similarity and reported back focusing issues/poor quality control all counted against the Sigma. I like the idea of the 1.4 and a 35mm but would I lug it about as an everyday lens when the 50 is much lighter…

So now I have a 28mm what sort of images can I get? The images on this page were created in the first weekend of owning the new lens.

Reportage: Many photographers used to use the 35mm or slightly less common 28mm to do photojournalism where the subject and surroundings can be captured in one shot. Maybe this shot is a bit too “real”?J16_1258

Multiple people in one frame – I seldom got this with the 50mm and certainly not the 85 or 105mm.



Interesting perspective close ups


More normal perspective close-up portraits:

Single person portraits with more context:

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