KS2 Exercises for session 1.


  1. Select one of the camera modes e.g. portrait
  2. Try focusing on your partners eyes.
  3. Take a photo
  4. Change the mode and then do the same
  5. What differences do you notice in the photographs?
  6. Ask your partner to walk towards you and try and take the same photo while they do so.
  7. Try the same thing using sport mode if you have it?
  8. Do you notice any difference in the way the camera works?
  9. Try focusing on something very close? How close does the focusing still work? How can you tell if it works or not?
  10. put 2 or 3 objects on a table. Align them all in a straight line from left to right. Take a photo. Focusing on one of them. Now move one of them forwards or back and take a photo focusing on the one you have moved. Are the others still in focus?