KS2 session 1 bullet points

  1. Who has taken a photo before?
  2. What did you use?
  3. What do you know about photography?
  4. What would you like to photograph? / What types of photography are there?
  5. How do we handle a camera?
    1. strap over head all the time
    2. treat with care – no bashing, dropping – avoid very hot or very cold places for storage.
    3. Don’t touch the lens with your fingers and or anything else.
  6. Ask the students to put their cameras on and look at them and identify the different parts
    1. shutter release button
    2. mode dial
    3. lens
    4. other dials and buttons?
  7. Talk about the 4 parts of a camera that every camera has (maybe talk about this after exercises or not at all??):
    1. Lens
    2. Aperture + aperture blades
    3. Shutter
    4. Sensor/Film
  8. Modes on a camera vary how these components work.
  9. Does your camera have sport, macro, portrait, night portrait, A, S, M? What modes does it have?