KS2 Session2 Bullet Points

Choices and Composition


Main Points to remember:

  1. Think about intent?
  2. Simplicity
  3. Rule of thirds
  4. Colour choices – post processing.


  1. Composition and general choices to be made
    1. What do we mean by composition
    2. What can be achieved by choosing different compositions
    3. Some general composition rules/theories
      1. Portrait/Landscape
      2. Horizontal lines vs diagonal
      3. Bright colours vs soft colours


Try to think about your photos and frame them up before pressing the shutter button. Don’t take lots of photos as ideally we can load them onto a computer and choose the best of your set to then post process.

  1. Find a tree or a flower and take a photo with it in different places in your frame (middle, corners, top, bottom, 3rd into frame, on the 3rds cross points). Which picture of this set works the best and why?
  2. Try and take a picture that looks dynamic. What subjects might look dynamic but not actually be moving? Can you find any to photograph? Find as many as you can.
  3. Try to take a dynamic photo of someone.
  4. Try to take a calm photo of the same person.
  5. Try to create a calm photograph of something other than a person. What subjects make good calm photos?