Stormy Boat

Some more pictures from our recent holiday. Cafe with great coffee and a play area is the ultimate destination for our family! This one had both including a sandpit boat which you can see in many of these photos.


New Lens – New Possibilities!

After much deliberation and cogitation over a new Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens or a new Nikkor 28mm 1.8 lens….. I decided to go for the 28 to give me that extra 7mm wide angle and differentiation from my light and most often used 50mm. ┬áThe extra cost, weight, bulk, similarity and reported back focusing issues/poor quality control all counted against the Sigma. I like the idea of the 1.4 and a 35mm but would I lug it about as an everyday lens when the 50 is much lighter…

So now I have a 28mm what sort of images can I get? The images on this page were created in the first weekend of owning the new lens.

Reportage: Many photographers used to use the 35mm or slightly less common 28mm to do photojournalism where the subject and surroundings can be captured in one shot. Maybe┬áthis shot is a bit too “real”?J16_1258

Multiple people in one frame – I seldom got this with the 50mm and certainly not the 85 or 105mm.



Interesting perspective close ups


More normal perspective close-up portraits:

Single person portraits with more context: